Make Every Floor Accessible: Transforming Your Building.

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Recognise the potential mobility hurdle your building's steps pose?

It's time to transform them into steps towards inclusivity. 

With our expertise and tailored solutions, we'll ensure that every floor in your building is accessible, creating an environment that truly welcomes everyone.

Together, we can create a space that truly welcomes everyone.

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Our Customised Five-Step Plan

The Evaccess 5 Step Plan:

Don't let steps become obstacles. 

Transform them into opportunities for greater accessibility and inclusivity. 

We believe in solutions that cater to your building's unique needs. 

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Consultation and Site Survey: We dive deep into understanding your building's layout and identify potential mobility barriers. 

PEEPS and GEPPS Online Training: We empower your team with essential safety principles through our comprehensive online courses. 

Selection of the Right Unit: Identify the unit that perfectly aligns with your building's requirements, ensuring optimal safety and mobility. 

Training to Use Units: We ensure your team is fully equipped to operate these units effectively and confidently. 

Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment extends beyond installation, providing regular maintenance to keep your units in peak condition.